What Can You do if Your Replica Watch Stops Working

When you are buying a replica watch you are focused only on the numerous advantages of this kind of purchase. You are thinking only on how much money you are going to save, on how good it will look on your hand, on how your friends and family will compliment you and on happy you… Continue Reading →

What Are The Differences Between a Replica And The Original Watch

Anyone who is considering buying a replica watch is definitely asking this question. It is the question that makes the difference between buying a fake or not. Even though a replica timepiece may look so beautiful and similar to the real deal, you still have your doubts about it and you need someone to name… Continue Reading →

Are Replica Watches Waterproofed

We all want to know if replica watches are really waterproofed and to what extent. I do not need to tell you about the impressive diving capabilities that the original watches have. These watches can withstand to depths of 100-300 meters depending on the brand or model of watch. Sadly, this does not apply for… Continue Reading →

What is a Smooth Sweeping Second Hand

To understand what a smooth sweeping second hand means we must first explain the difference between quartz replicas and automatic movement fake watches. First of all, you need to understand that quartz replica watches are really battery operated whereas automatic watches are kinetic timepieces, also called self-winding. The incontestable advantage of a quartz movement watch… Continue Reading →

What Does Oyster Perpetual Really Mean

I am sure you have all noticed the iconic words written on every single Rolex dial: „OYSTER PERPETUAL”. I know it has a very nice ring to it, but besides its elegant phrasing what is its actual meaning? If you were expecting it to reveal something out of the ordinary then this means you don’t… Continue Reading →

What is a Lock Crown

A lock crown also known as a screw-down crown is the ability of replica watches to improve water-resistance by sealing the crown to the case. The inner gaskets and threads of the winding crown are supposed to perfectly fasten the crown into place. This way it will act like a seal for the watch case…. Continue Reading →

Swiss vs Japanese

difference between replica grades

We all know that Swiss replica watches are more expensive than Japanese ones, and also that the price difference is due to the higher quality that comes with a Swiss fake watch. Still, what does „higher quality” mean? What are the actual differences that make a Swiss replica better? To solve this mystery I have… Continue Reading →

How Durable is a Replica Watch

One of the most important qualities of an original luxury timepiece is its extreme durability. Designer watches are well known for their capability of lasting for a life time or more, and this is the main reason why these are seen as valuable heirlooms that become more and more expensive as the years go by…. Continue Reading →

Rolex Submariner Bezel

The bezel of a Rolex Submariner watch is another very complicated part of these beautiful luxury watches, a part that needs to be properly discussed in order to understand its complexity. There are many things about the bezel of a Submariner watch that can indicate if you are dealing with a replica or with an… Continue Reading →

What Materials do Replica Merchants Use

Of course, replica merchants do not use the exact same materials as the genuine brands. This is not even remotely possible considering the high price of luxury materials such as solid gold, platinum or diamonds. Making a replica with expensive materials would imply higher retail prices, prices closer to the ones of the original products…. Continue Reading →