Are Replica Watches Waterproofed

We all want to know if replica watches are really waterproofed and to what extent. I do not need to tell you about the impressive diving capabilities that the original watches have. These watches can withstand to depths of 100-300 meters depending on the brand or model of watch. Sadly, this does not apply for replica watches. All fake watches, no matter how expensive or good quality they are, have considerable limitations when it comes to water exposure.

The most important thing we must accept is the fact that a replica will never match the original watch no matter how perfect it may seem to be. This is because the original watch costs $5,000-10,000 or even more and it is the result of years and years of extensive work in developing the most innovative and resistant time keeping technologies. For example, an original Rolex Submariner can dive up to depths of 300 meters or more because the brand has invested decades of work and money into creating their famous “oyster” case that is fully waterproof. Indeed, its looks can be easily replicated, but its outstanding water performances cannot.

All replicas come equipped with rubber seals and are made from solid stainless steel, but no matter how high quality the materials and manufacturing process of a fake watch is, it cannot pass the difficult test of diving under water. Maybe, once or twice you will be able to swim or dive with it without anything bad happening to its internals, but in time moisture will eventually affect the inside mechanism.

This is why all replica merchants advise you to avoid wearing the watch under water even if they claim that the watches are waterproof. These companies are aware that no matter what technologies they use, the fake watches they sell can never match up the water resistance of an original watch. Of course, their advice is always paired up by the phrase “using the watch underwater will revoke the warranty”. So it is better to be wise when it comes to your replica and take all the necessary measures to extend its life span as much as possible.

If a replica merchant tells you that its watches are water resistant then it is better to not take its words for granted. He will claim that just because the fake timepieces are equipped with rubber seals and have a lock crown then the inside mechanism is protected from water damages. This is not actually true. Those rubber seals are not sufficient to protect the movement and internals from repeated water exposures. Many other complex processes ensure this water resistance, processes that are not yet fully owned by replica manufacturers. You know that saying: “Better safe than sorry”.

When we decide to purchase a replica we do it because we acknowledge the fact that we cannot afford the original watch, and the only way of satisfying out passion for beautiful timepieces is buying a fake. Similarly, we should understand that a replica cannot have the same water resistance capabilities as the real thing, and we should accept it for what it is: just a nice looking clone that adorns our wrist so exquisitely- when it is kept away from water.

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