What Are The Differences Between a Replica And The Original Watch

Anyone who is considering buying a replica watch is definitely asking this question. It is the question that makes the difference between buying a fake or not. Even though a replica timepiece may look so beautiful and similar to the real deal, you still have your doubts about it and you need someone to name all the differences between a replica and the original watch.

Well, the first difference is the most obvious one: a replica isn’t the original watch. And if you are expecting it to be then you have things all wrong. Replica watches are just a simple reproductions. It is the result of many manufacturing processes that have as goal: obtaining the perfect clone of a Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin or any other expensive brand watch you can name. The replica industry can offer you any of the wide range of designs ever made by these famous companies.

Just by looking at it, a fake watch looks pretty much the same as the original ones, but there are still some noticeable differences that differentiate it from the overpriced authentic watch. The most important aesthetic differences are the materials. Even though a high quality imitation may use some pretty good quality materials, it will certainly not be using the same ones as the original brand.

For example, replica watches are not made from full solid gold, but from solid stainless steel and are gold plated. This is not such a bad thing as they mainly look the same. Next, there are the stones used on the watches. Almost all the important luxury brands use diamonds to adorn their watches, but replicas will always have cubic zirconium instead. Then, an authentic watch has a sapphire crystal while a Japanese replica has mineral crystal. Another mistake is to use a 1.5X Cyclops lens on a replica instead of a 2.5X magnifying lens as the original has.

Even though it might seem easy to imitate all the markings and engravings of the original watch, it really isn’t that simple. This is because, in their attempt to protect their brand, watch companies are continuously developing new and new ways of authenticating their products by the means of newer and improved markings, unique methods of applying them and original fonts. So no matter how up to date a replica manufacturer may seem to be, it may not be fully aware of the newest additions on the latest watches launched on the market.

And the most important difference is in the inside mechanism of the watch. The original timepieces are so incredibly expensive because their internal movements are very complex and are seen as real works of art. This implies large costs in designing and constructing them. Of course, a replica watch cannot offer such a remarkable automatic mechanism. The ones used on knockoffs are also reproductions of the authentic movements, but inferior ones that cannot offer the same time accuracy or durability.

Understanding the differences between a replica and the original watch is crucial for determining whether buying a fake is the right choice for you. If you can accept the fact that a knockoff is just an imitation and it is limited in terms of functionality then you will find the purchase of a couple hundred dollars luxury timepiece as highly satisfactory.

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