What Does Oyster Perpetual Really Mean

I am sure you have all noticed the iconic words written on every single Rolex dial: „OYSTER PERPETUAL”. I know it has a very nice ring to it, but besides its elegant phrasing what is its actual meaning? If you were expecting it to reveal something out of the ordinary then this means you don’t know anything about branding.

“Oyster Perpetual” means the most basic and common two functions of any luxury watch equipped with an automatic movement. “Oyster” is the term used to describe the case of a Rolex watch, a case that is worldwide known as extremely water resistant while “Perpetual” means the automatic mechanism that can be found at the inside of every Rolex watch.

The automatic movement that comes with any Rolex model is a symbol of distinction for the brand and one of its most prized possessions.   The reputation of the company lays in the perfection and complexity of its beautifully constructed automatic mechanism, in the accuracy of the time it tells and in the outstanding functions it supports. The perpetual movement is the key feature of a Rolex watch. It is the ability to tell perfect time by the means of a clean and continuous motion.

In 1926, Rolex owned the world’s first waterproof watch case and it was all due to its revolutionary sealing system composed of a crew down bezel, case back and winding crown. Actually, the term “oyster” is pretty descriptive. It symbolizes the robustness and refinement of the case, signed to naturally protect its very precious internal mechanism.

Nowadays, all Rolex watches enjoy a hermetic construction that allow to safely dive to depths of 100 meters, 300 meters or even 3900 meters. The Rolex DeepSea holds the undeniable record for deep water diving.

One of the key elements of the Rolex Oyster system is the winding crown that is indeed a wonderful masterpiece. This piece is put together with the help of two different parts and it is connected with the watch case by the means of a small tube. Of course, Rolex is the proud owner of the first water resistant winding crown which works as an intermediary between the wet outside and the sealed inside.

The case back also screws in and completely seals the inside mechanism with the help of a rubber seal. Furthermore, the crystal has the function of a seal due to the fact that it is tighten onto the bezel by an inner lip.

Even though, now Rolex is the owner of the center feature of the Oyster system: the screw down crown, it is not the inventor of this ingenious sealing piece. The main part of the Rolex Oyster case was invented by Paul Perregaux and Geirges Peret, but foreseeing the amazing opportunity, Rolex bought the rights over this innovative invention and immediately launched their new Oyster models. In 927, Mercedes Gleitze was the first woman to swim the English Channel and she did it by wearing a Rolex Oyster. This record was highly promoted as to increase the popularity of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual novelty.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual is just another clever way of saying that the watch is water proofed and has an automatic mechanism. Still, no matter how common these two functions may seem in the luxury world, we can’t help but notice the degree of excellence that comes with every water resistance record and complex mechanism owned by Rolex.

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