What is a Smooth Sweeping Second Hand

To understand what a smooth sweeping second hand means we must first explain the difference between quartz replicas and automatic movement fake watches.

First of all, you need to understand that quartz replica watches are really battery operated whereas automatic watches are kinetic timepieces, also called self-winding. The incontestable advantage of a quartz movement watch is that you never need to wind it. Even if you do not wear it for weeks or months, once you put it on you can read the correct time on it without having to set it. On the other hand, automatic movement replica watches have a power reserve of 24-48 hours so if you take it off for a couple of days then you have to set the time on it every time you decide to wear it again. Also, all automatic replicas need to be worn for about 8-10 hours per day in order for them to tell time correctly.

A battery operated watch shows correct time until the battery runs out, but a self-winding watch can lose or gain about 5-10 minutes every month when working correctly. Furthermore, an automatic fake watch needs to have maintenance work performed every 2-3 years while a battery operated replica only needs to have its battery replaced every 1-2 years.

Even though a quartz movement watch seems to be more practical, an automatic movement watch is seen as a true work of art due to its complicated inside mechanism. Also, the more complex is the inside movement, the more difficult it is to replicate it. This is probably why all major watch brands choose to make their watches with an automatic movement and in time they managed to create the most unbelievable and astonishing mechanisms, true time keeping devices that are incredibly difficult to replicate.

Getting back to the smooth sweeping second hand, this can be found only on automatic movement watches. It is the ability of the second hand to perform more continuous movements per second. For the necked eye, this looks like a smooth motion. A quartz movement watch will never have such a feature. A battery operated replica has a second hand that makes that specific “ticking” sound and has a jerky obvious motion.

On a decent quality automatic movement replica watch the second hand will have a smooth sweeping second hand that will not make any “ticking” sounds. The smoother the movement of the second hand is, the better the inside mechanism is. For most people, the smoothness of this motion isn’t that obvious, but for a watch expert it is the difference between a good watch and an inferior one. For instance, Swiss replicas have a smoother second hand than Japanese ones do.

So when you are thinking about buying a replica watch, you should also consider this very important detail. You should choose the type of movement that can ensure a better time accuracy and a smoother sweeping second hand. Why is that? Because every detail counts when it comes to having a replica watch that looks and feels 100% like the original one. If you want to be able to fool everyone and feel confident about the fake watch you are wearing then having one that has a smooth second hand is highly important.

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