What Materials do Replica Merchants Use

Of course, replica merchants do not use the exact same materials as the genuine brands. This is not even remotely possible considering the high price of luxury materials such as solid gold, platinum or diamonds. Making a replica with expensive materials would imply higher retail prices, prices closer to the ones of the original products. A replica is just a reproduction of the real product, a reproduction that is supposed to look similar and also use comparable materials.

Ok, so if a replica manufacturer does not use the same materials as the genuine brands then what are the materials we find on a replica? Are these any good? Well, in order for a fake watch to look identical to the original one and be durable, good quality materials are needed. For example, all superior fake watches must be made from full solid stainless steel. This type of material is very hard to forge, but its use is crucial for obtaining a knockoff that has that authentic feeling and weight.

Replicas are basically made from full solid stainless steel. This ensures a high resistance to daily wear and an authentic look. Another particularity of this material is that it imitates very well the weight of real white gold or silver and it creates the impression of durability and robustness. A decent quality replica must have full solid links and not hallow ones. A fake watch with hallow links will be very light and anyone would be able to spot it for what it is: a poor imitation.

Gold color replicas are not actually real full gold watches. Instead, these are made from full solid stainless steel and are plated with a thin layer of gold. Most fake merchants use 5 microns gold plating for Japanese replicas and triple wrapped gold plating for Swiss replicas. Naturally, the gold color will eventually start to wear off. Japanese gold replicas start to fade off after a few months while the Swiss ones will start to discolor after 2-3 years.

Very important for the durability of the replica is the glass that covers the face of the watch. This can also vary depending on whether your fake is Swiss or Japanese made. Japanese replicas are equipped with a mineral crystal while Swiss ones come with a sapphire crystal. The original watches have a sapphire crystal. This material is very resistant to scratches and powerful shocks and provides enhanced resistance.

And let’s not forget about the “bling” factor. A luxury watch must shine. It must cast its opulent diamond glow in order to look as ridiculously expensive as possible. I admit that there are a few tasteful watches adorned with diamonds that I would dare to wear, but these are just a few. Still, no matter how many or few stones they carry, original luxury timepieces use only diamonds and other similar expensive and rare gems. Unfortunately, replicas could never compete with such a thing. Fake watches are embellished with cubic zirconium. These stones have a nice and authentic glow and in most cases they could pretty much fool anyone.

Replica manufacturers that want to provide high quality to its customers use only the best materials that the fake watches industry can offer. All these materials are highly similar to the ones used by the original brands and manage to fake quality pretty nicely.

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