How Durable is a Replica Watch

One of the most important qualities of an original luxury timepiece is its extreme durability. Designer watches are well known for their capability of lasting for a life time or more, and this is the main reason why these are seen as valuable heirlooms that become more and more expensive as the years go by. Sadly, this is not the case of a replica. No matter how good the quality is or how high the price tag is, an imitation watch cannot last as long as an original one. But the question here is: how durable is a replica watch? How many years can you expect it to work?

Maybe, replica merchants will claim that their replicas are as durable as the original ones due to their innovative manufacturing techniques and extensive quality control. And who knows what other overstated factors they might add. You got to be smarter than that! You must face the true: it is only a couple hundred dollars replica. The real thing costs 10 or maybe 50 times more. The price difference isn’t a coincidence. It makes the difference between products that resulted after decades of experience in crafting the most ingenious time keeping devices on earth and products that try to imitate this impressive work. Replica watches are good watches, but they serve for different purposes. A replica is meant to look good, as close as possible to the real thing and tell decent time. Replicas are not supposed to last for a lifetime, but for a rather fair number of years. For how many years? Let’s find out!

There are fake watches companies that avoid saying for how many years their replica will last. They prefer to say that the products they sell are “approximately as durable as the original ones”. Well, this is not true. A replica watch will most likely last from a couple of months to 3-5 years depending on its quality. The really poor ones that do not have any quality control whatsoever will arrive broken or will break in a couple of months. The decent quality fake watches equipped with a Japanese mechanism are expected to last for about 2-3 years or even longer. On the other hand, the Swiss made replica watches have a life span of 3-6 years.

The life expectancy of a watch is also an issue of how much care you have for it. An automatic watch needs to be serviced once every one or two years; it needs to be kept away from water or powerful shocks and vibrations. As long as you take good care of your replica then you can expect it to last for many years.

To be sure about the quality of the replica you are buying, I recommend that you choose a merchant that provides a warranty for its products. Usually, Japanese replicas come with a 6 months warranty while Swiss replicas come with a 12 months warranty. You should consider the warranty as a decisive factor in choosing the company where to buy the watch. This guarantees that at least during the warranty time, you can enjoy wearing your beautiful replica watch.

No one can expect a replica watch to last forever, but any decent fake watch should resist at least a couple of years before experiencing any movement problems. Japanese replicas are expected to last for about 2-3 years while Swiss watches can work for 3-6 years. Of course, you can prolong the life span of your fake watch by taking really good care of it and servicing it regularly.

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