Rolex Submariner Bezel

The bezel of a Rolex Submariner watch is another very complicated part of these beautiful luxury watches, a part that needs to be properly discussed in order to understand its complexity. There are many things about the bezel of a Submariner watch that can indicate if you are dealing with a replica or with an authentic watch. Only when you fully understand them you can spot a fake at once.

The first thing you need to know about the Submariner bezel is that it should rotate in only one direction. This is one of the most important particularities of a Rolex Submariner: it has a unidirectional bezel that spins only in a counterclockwise direction. Each move of the bezel is accompanied by a metallic clicking sound. When a Rolex Submariner bezel completes a full turn it must make exactly 120 clicks.

Since the launch of the first Rolex Submariner, the company has presented many changes brought to its iconic bezel. Some changes concern the aesthetics of the bezel while others concern the qualitative side. At first, all Submariners were made with a solid stainless steel bezel covered with a colored coating, but somehow after a few decades this wasn’t enough. The bezel needed to experience some dramatic changes in terms of quality and looks. The company’s extensive efforts lead to the launch of the Ceramic bezel, and afterwards of the Cerachrom one.

The problem with the regular stainless steel bezel covered by a thin layer of special colored coating was that with daily wear, after a considerable amount of years it started to show wear and tear signs. Rolex wanted something better than that. This is how the alternative was created: the ceramic bezel- a better looking and also more resistant type of Rolex bezel. This innovative bezel was used for GMT Master II, Submariner, Sea Dweller and Deep Sea models.

The extreme resistance of the ceramic bezel is determined by its manufacturing process. To obtain such a bezel you need to heat it at the unbelievable temperature of 1500ºC and hit it with platinum or gold particles in order to obtain the metallic indexes. The result is a revolutionary bezel that can resist to scratches, corrosion, salt water and UV.

The state of the art Cerachrom bezel is really an improvement of the Ceramic bezel. The addition is that it has been bombarded with platinum markers that are embedded into its surface so when you touch a Cerachrom bezel you can feel the different leveling of the indexes. For the moment, Rolex is the only watch company in the world that uses this technology for manufacturing its bezels.

Now, I am sure you all agree that the Submariner bezel is not a part of a replica watch that must be ignored. Before you actually go ahead and buy a fake Submariner, be sure it has an authentic looking bezel. To confirm this, you need to check if it is a stainless steel, ceramic or cerachrom bezel, if it spins both ways or only counter-clockwise, and how many clicks does it make when completing a full turn.

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