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What Are The Differences Between a Replica And The Original Watch

Anyone who is considering buying a replica watch is definitely asking this question. It is the question that makes the difference between buying a fake or not. Even though a replica timepiece may look so beautiful and similar to the real deal, you still have your doubts about it and you need someone to name… Continue Reading →

Swiss vs Japanese

difference between replica grades

We all know that Swiss replica watches are more expensive than Japanese ones, and also that the price difference is due to the higher quality that comes with a Swiss fake watch. Still, what does „higher quality” mean? What are the actual differences that make a Swiss replica better? To solve this mystery I have… Continue Reading →

What Materials do Replica Merchants Use

Of course, replica merchants do not use the exact same materials as the genuine brands. This is not even remotely possible considering the high price of luxury materials such as solid gold, platinum or diamonds. Making a replica with expensive materials would imply higher retail prices, prices closer to the ones of the original products…. Continue Reading →