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difference between replica grades

We all know that Swiss replica watches are more expensive than Japanese ones, and also that the price difference is due to the higher quality that comes with a Swiss fake watch. Still, what does „higher quality” mean? What are the actual differences that make a Swiss replica better? To solve this mystery I have decided to run a thorough comparison between these two types of fake watches.

Japanese Replica

All reputable merchants sell Japanese replicas that are equipped with a 21 jewels Miyota mechanism. This type of automatic movement is of very good quality and keeps pretty accurate time, plus, it has a smooth sweeping second hand and a hacking mechanism. If you are not familiar with a hacking mechanism then let me explain it to you: it is the ability of the sweeping hand to stop when you pull out the winding crown to set the time or date. Replica companies claim that a Japanese replica has a life expectancy of 3-5 years.

Japanese fake watches have a mineral crystal and not a sapphire one as the real watches have. Also, all gold color Japanese replicas have 5 microns 14 k gold plating which with daily wear starts to wear off after a few months. This is why it is best to stay away from gold color Japanese replicas. You risk exposing your watch for what it is: a poor quality fake. Instead, you can choose a silver case and band version that will never start to discolor or fade off. This replica watch will be practically impossible to spot.

My opinion is that Japanese replicas are great knockoffs considering their low price, $200-$400. When you are buying such a replica, you must be aware of its limitations. A Japanese fake will look very authentic, but it will never be perfect. It is simply a medium quality watch that has an outside that is almost identical to an original designer watch. For example, Japanese fakes come with a functional day and date, but do not have a working chronometer. Accept these shortcomings of Japanese imitation watches and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

If you really want a replica watch that looks like the real deal and also has the correct functions of the original timepiece then you should choose a Swiss replica instead!

Swiss Replica

Normally, replica merchants use a 25 jewels or 27 jewels Swiss made ETA mechanism for their fake watches. The first thing one notices at a Swiss replica is the smoother second hand. Due to the higher quality inside automatic movement, the watch keeps better time and also has a smoother second hand than Japanese fakes. Tests show that a Swiss ETA movement replica loses only 2-3 seconds per month.

The best part about Swiss knockoffs is that these can support the exact same functions as the original watches. The day, date and chronometer functions will always work correctly on a Swiss replica.

All Swiss imitation watches come with a scratch proof sapphire crystal. This is the same type of crystal as on the original watches and it is remarkably resistant.

The quality of the gold plating is also better. A decent gold color Swiss replica will be triple wrapped 18 k gold plated. This means that the gold color will last longer, about 2-3 years before starting to fade off.

All Swiss replicas are made from full solid stainless steel and the details and craftsmanship are flawless. Every single piece of a Swiss fake is carefully finished and looks perfect.

Usually, a Swiss replica costs about $400 to $1000. I know that when compared to Japanese replicas, this price may seem extremely high, but it is only a fraction of the price of the original watch. It all depends on the quality you are looking to buy and on the budget you have available. The fact is that when buying a Swiss replica chances are that you will me more satisfied with the quality and looks of the watch then when buying a Japanese one.

A comparison between Swiss and Japanese replicas shows that the purchasing decision is determined by two essential factors: price and quality. If, for you, the most influential factor is price then you will probably choose the less expensive Japanese replica, but if quality is what you are really after then a Swiss fake is your best pick.

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